Have you ever wondered what motivates a photographer’s passion for their work?

Here are just a few personal reasons I love about being a photographer.

Photography changes how you see things. You become more perceptive of colours, tones, textures, shapes and light in a way that a lot of people never see them.

  • You pay more attention to the visual world and the beauty around you. Even the most ordinary of objects can become beautiful when you photograph them in a creative way. Many photographers love their job because they develop a fascination with the world around them by viewing it with new eyes through the lens of a camera.
  • Photography is an amazing creative outlet. You get the chance to put a little bit of your own creativity into each photo that you take. Just about anyone can click a camera’s shutter but not everyone can truly make a photo come to life. Whatever the genre of photography there is enormous room for creativity, from newborn to landscape to lifestyle to commercial – all provide opportunities for a creative spark.
  • Photography provides a creative challenge. Creating amazing photos that capture the magic of everyday life doesn’t come without hard work, dedication and imagination. There is always something new to explore and a new way to take the same photos. It’s a job that never gets boring.

The Bishop of London, Rt Revd & Rt Hon, Dr Richard Chartres with Fr Gary Bradley At St Saviour's Church Warwick Avenue

  • You get to meet new people all the time. A photographer works with people from all walks of life. Getting to know someone new is a part of the process of bringing someone’s personality through in a photo. It also makes the job a lot more fun!
  • Being a photographer has great flexibility. Being a photographer means you get to work your own hours. A photographer is always aiming to perfect their skills, taking on new challenges and helping their clients to achieve wonderful memories.

When you use the services of a professional photographer, know that you are hiring an individual who is passionate about what they do and is willing to go the extra mile to help you create beautiful photos that you can treasure forever.


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