When I speak to clients before their photoshoot I will discuss and give advice on what to wear on the day.  The top tips below will help you get the most from your photoshoot.

Top Tips for Deciding What to Wear for a Photoshoot


  • What is the purpose of the photoshoot? This should be your first thought when deciding what to wear. Choose an appropriate outfit for the occasion and something that suits your personality. Is it maternity, newborn, family etc?
  • Keep the location & season in mind. Where is the photoshoot taking place? Choose an outfit that will keep you feeling comfortable and confident.
  • Mix and match. Don’t be afraid to wear patterns or prints for your photoshoot but keep them to a minimum and try to pair them with solid colors. If you’re having a family photoshoot for example, have two family members in printed items and two in solid colors. Play with different colors to match the mood and setting of the shoot.
  • Make your photos timeless. You might love a fashionable top or pair of trousers now but will your photos stand the test of time if you wear that item of clothing? Think about creating a memeory of this moment. How would you like to look back and see yourself? Spend some time thinking about creating a timeless look.
  • What to do about makeup? This would depend on the type of photos you are taking. Fashion shoots will call for more dramatic makeup but for your everyday maternity, newborn, family or portrait shoots, keep your makeup natural and to a minimum. Wear what your feel comfortable with. If necessary seek further advice from a beautician.
  • Fit is more important than you think. If you already have an outfit in mind for your shoot, try it on before the time to make sure that it fits correctly and compliments your body type.
  • Try not to make brands too obvious. Clothing with large graphics on it also doesn’t work well as it will end up being the focus of your photos.


Maternity shoots are usually easier as many photogrpahers have maternity dresses for you to wear that photograph really well.

With newborn photoshoots I usually include photographs of parents and a family group so the advice above is very relevant.

Remember you can ask your photographer for guidance in advance. They will want to help you get the best possible photgraphs from your shoot.

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