In today’s world of work and play professional headshots are often the first introduction to you, your business and your personal brand.

When researching on-line I came across statistics ranging from 93% to 98% of HR professionals and recruiters turn to LinkedIn to find quality candidates, 2 in 3 turn to Facebook and more than half utilize Twitter. This highlights to me that a headshot plays an important role in a person’s professional life. A headshot should be a good quality photograph that makes prospective clients, employers and partners want to reach out and communicate with you.

Headshot photoshootI will usually take a few different shots using various outfits, tops, jackets etc. so that you have a selection to choose from. It is therefore important that your look matches the image you’re trying to convey. Solid colors are always a good choice, as are tops with collars and strong necklines. I generally recommend staying away from very bold colors, however these may work well for you.

You will mostly be photographed from the shoulders up, however it’s important for your entire outfit to be professional, as you may also want a shot that incorporates more of your body.

This type of photoshoot generally lasts about an hour. Providing enough time for a conversation about the purpose and type of photographs you want and time for some clothing changes as the photoshoot progresses. I usually supply 4 edited images showing different outfits. If more photographs are required then these can be negotiated.



More and more people are turning to professional photographers to provide headshots as they are good value for money and will definitely make an impact on your profile.

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