This is a common question clients ask; so here are a few pointers to help make the photoshoot run as smoothly as possible:

  • Either feed your baby just before you leave home or plan to feed them as soon as you arrive. This ensures he/ she has a full stomach at the beginning of the photoshoot.


  • It is helpful to dress your baby in a zip style outfit if you can. In warm weather, dress him/ her in a nappy and cover them with a blanket if they are comfortable with that. It makes for a much easier transition when we start to pose for the photographs.


Bring a pacifier with you. Even if you are not using one at home with your baby please bring one.  Sometimes it can really be an invaluable help to soothe your baby into different poses. Without it, 
the session could actually be a lot less productive and I am sure you will want to get the best photographs possible. It may not be needed but it is better to have the option so bring one.


  • Bring formula milk with you even if this is not your preference at home. Your baby will need to eat at least twice and sometimes more during the session. 
Having the option of formula milk can be really helpful.


  • Bring extra nappies. From experience they tend to go through a few during the photoshoot.


  • You might also consider bringing a change of clothes for yourself and also for your partner just in case your baby wets on either of you at any point during the session.  Some clients like to change and some don’t – it’s a personal preference.


  • Adults should also consider wearing layers that you can remove as the studio does get warm for your babies comfort.


  • For the adult photographs consider neutral clothing, avoiding dominating patterns.  Neutral clothing 
photographs better with newborn babies.


  • At my studio I do provide refreshments, such as a selection of teas, coffee and hot chocolate. I provide a choice of biscuits, cake, sweets and fruit but you might also like to bring your own snacks to ensure your comfort. Most newborn photoshoots are 3 to 4 hours long.


  • Finally you may have a special toy or an item of clothing you might like to bring with you to be included in the photographs.  I try to incorporate this if you wish but I also have plenty of beautiful wraps, headbands, clothes etc available at the studio.

Any other questions then don’t be afraid to ask your photographer.


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