Sitter sessions or milestone photoshoots are baby portrait sessions celebrating and documenting your baby as they reach a new milestone in their life of smiling and sitting up.

Sitter sessions can take place from when babies are sitting up unaided, from 6 months and onwards.

Sitter session’s can incorporate fun elements, such as themes or simply colours, flowers and simple props to create a wonderful memory!

Every baby develops differently, so a sitter session is usually arranged when a baby is around 6 to 9 months old. Babies are very engaged with the world around them at this age and are full of genuine expressions.  They smile and laugh easily.

At Stephen Bruce Photography I offer up-front pricing for a digital sitter package. Your collection of photographs is hosted in a private gallery on my website for you to download. Artwork such as framed prints and canvasses are simply added on to the basic package price.


I allow around two hours for a sitter session to enable you to feed, change outfits and generally enjoy the experience of a sitter photoshoot. I include photographs of mum and dad as well.


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